Saturday, May 12, 2007

~~fark dap weekenD~~


workin @ weekend really sarks~~!!!!

especially u went out @ the dayz be4 u work~~~
Another fella going to S’pore~~~
Yayaya~~ yesterday we farewell for ah Mei~~
She is going to go S’pore liao~~
aiks~~ I think 50% of my classmate(UK's classmate) is working @ oversea now~~
either @ middle east or S’pore~~~~~
i think M’sia’s salary really cannot satisfied us anymore~~

i'm farking tired + sleply now~~~~~


oh ya~~
just now SK blaming me tat y nv tell him tat ah ching got involve wor~~~~
n he really really miss ah ching wor~~~
he miss out jor wor~~~

SK really SK~~
"talk cock more than eat rice"~~~
u r the 1 who nv answer my call ler~~~~~!!!!


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