Tuesday, March 10, 2009

can u imaging 50% of employees lay off within 1 day??

yayaya.. a lot ppl got sacked frm their jobs since Oct 2008 in this country, especially construction related jobs..

well, we all knew tat when recession came, construction industry definitely is the 1st one who taste the effect.. i sudah heard manyak kawan, atau kawan punya kawan ataupun kawan punya wife kena jorr…..
som even worst until kena goreng @ day be4 she go back Malaysia to enjoy her CNY vacation…


my company also sudah goring manyak org aredi..
i believe more than 150 ppl kena aredi (official announced in Dec is 100 ppl, butHR say more than tat) … n then 2 out of 5 Malaysian (a chinese lady + a Malay guy) who working in this company sudah kena laid off within 2 weeks (secretly goreng)….

n now..
ladies n gentlemen….
HR sudah prepared 450 letters in their computer… a folder name “who will be the next’’~~

the letters r pending for the suitable ‘timing’ to print out n release to the staffs….
can u imaging tat?
almost 50% staff lay off within 1 day (mayb sudah more than 50% now) ~~


anyway... I dun feel worry so much right now..
I wish I’m 1 of them.. yes~~ I do hope my name is inside tat list..
but.. ofcoz, I wish tat they will goreng me after May lar.
Let me earn another 2 more months 1st lar…
U noe wat… if they r going to goreng 50% of the staff in this company.. then who is going to do the works?? Ofcoz r those who stil working 1 lar.. there is no doubt bout it, otherwise who is going to do the works?

u will 1 man show, 1 leg kicking later lar…
tiap-tiap hari crying infront on ur desk, facing a table of shit documents everyday, OT until late night & singing “welcome to the hell” everynight..


nyaseng~~ I have been here almost 1 yr but I nv ever feel it like home..
although this country consider as the least strict of the Middle Eastern countries.. but it still sarks.. . I dun like the culture, law + ppl right here… nyamahai, a man life is worth 200k, a women life is worth half of the male (100k) and a race camel life is worth more than 400k.. (according to expat urban legend, a camel costs twice the blood money of a human)~

u better watch out~~ u better pray u choose a women to langgar when u hit somebody in a car accident….. better pray wont kena camel or horses in this country...

wat kind of c2pid law is this?

sex discrimination damn serious right here…
aiks~~~ stop blaming aredi lar..
cabut lar..
run awy from this country be4 too late~~~~

aiks~~ back to the topic..
hrmmm… 50% staff kena goreng within 1 day… it really is a legend~~!!
isn't it~~!!?


Daphne said...

waa... 50% kena goreng then the other 50% will work like hell..
shit man .. is better to get fire coz u can get NOC, can choose to stay back or back msia too..

god bless u to get goreng ...
sound like curse..

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

recently i damn down...

a lot things occured...
i also tak ada mood aredi....
moody alwyz...

i dun wan the NOC lar.. dun 1 work @ here anymore lar...goreng me lar.. i nak balik rumah~~


Daphne said...

balik kampung oh oh balik kampung~~

Daphne said...

balik kampung oh oh balik kampung~~

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

u balik my kampong wif me arr??
want mer???

u belum kahwin i yet ler...