Sunday, March 08, 2009

fed up~

hAM is fed up with this farking country~~!!

how to deal with the rude ppl in this country~~!!??
those farking idiot alwyz made me mad~~!!!

fark dap~~
tat idiot security guard.. who u think u r?
u r only a dog in my eye..
ur life might worse than a dog in my country...!!!
lansi lanyong there...

i wonder how much is ur gaji??
600? or 700 per month?
in my country, ur pay is even lower than an indo labour~~!!
stil dare to look small us..
u wat he did???? he ask one of my new fren "go home" when we shopping around the shopping mall...

i nv c a farking security guard in a shopping mall ask/request the customer go home 1~~!!
farking ill-mannered~~!!
no brain~~ no 1der u just a farking security guard~~
i wish u'll standing in the shopping centre n spend ur whole life there..
just standing n act like a dog~~~!!

farker~~the rude people seem to be everywhere in this country..
they show up everywhere~~~
rude people are in check out lines, on the highway driving like maniacs, smoking in the restaurant/lift, on the streets, and sometimes in our homes.. (yes, no doubt, i ned to facing a idiot mather farker guardman in my accomodation… n tat egyt*an is totally a idiot + farker +混蛋~~!!)

Russell Crowe is right~~!!
Ed Hoffman(Russell Crowe) say this in "Body of Lies": "there's nothing here to like~!!"


yayaya~~ i ned to calm down..
don't get mad, get even~~~
dun let this kind of idiot merosakkan my mood~~

there are alwyz few things we need to remember when dealing with this kind of rude people…
nex time i noe how to handle this kind of farking ill-mannered ppl de lar~~~
  • do not become Angry & calm down~~!!! alwayz, alwayz, alwayzzzzzz remember to keep your cool~~!! ( i really ned to be more mature)
  • dun take anything that this person says seriously... (ya~ they just som kind of animals in this world, treat them like fly~~)
  • ignore them completely & avoid them if they keep on bothering you... (a lion nv fight wif a rat, dun wasting ur precious on this kind of ppl)
m'sia really manyak bagus compare wif this country~~
i really starting miss my home & my country~~~!!

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Daphne said...

i agree with u too..really alot rude ppl here..
those rich ppl will be LCLY, poor ppl oso behave vy rude..
Dubai Keep developing.. i think people should be the same too..