Saturday, September 27, 2008


last few weeks....
some body phone me @ the 5 O'clock in the morning..

when the time i just wanna start to scold this fella...

"wat??? Head of Sshool? Dr Lim??"

i'm quite surprise tat my Head of School called me... in the early of morning...
oh ya.... M'sia sudah 9am somthing jor.. (UAE baru 5am++)
well~~ he phone me n ask me wether interest to be tuitor or not..

GTO suddenly pop out of my mind @ tat moment~

GT hAM~~!!??
u sure boh?
i becom tuitor??
then those students sure 'die' onmy hand jor....

but too bad...
if i'm stil working for IJM, i might giv it a try lar...
but... now i'm working in UAE ler..
my pay is farking high compare in Msia n S'pore..

hrmm... btw~`
what will i look like when i giving speech during the class?
will be damn serious look?? or a funny tuitor look??
those student baru 5-7 yrs younger than me only...
we just almost same-same age...
imagine tat they call me Sir....
i really cannot imagine tat..

(duno tuitor pikat sendiri punya student will kena sue or not de ler?)
muahahahahaha~~ Onizuka alwyz pikat his own student de wor..

*** Great Teacher Onizuka officially abbreviated to GTO, is a shonen manga, anime, and live-action series created by Tohru Fujisawa. It is the story of Eikichi Onizuka, a 22 year-old ex-bōsōzoku member, and his quest to be the greatest teacher in Japan.

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