Tuesday, May 06, 2008

hAM news : Abi Dhabi experiences slight rain

Unseasonal rain in Abi Dhabi

hAM News Report (Reported By hAM)
Published: May 06, 2008, 08:45 (GMT+ 04.00)Abi Dhabi, AAE

Abi Dhabi: Residents of Abi Dhabi were left pleasantly surprised on Tuesday morning as slight rainfall graced the skies.

At close to 7:15am on Tuesday morning, the partially cloudy skies gave way to slight rainfall, which soon cleared.

Strong winds and unseasonal heavy rains were also seen in Abi Dhabi on Monday night.

This unusual change in temperature comes soon after steady rise in temperature swept the nation over the past few weeks.

May is typically the beginning of AAE’s scorching summer, as temperatures soar and humidity rises.


It is so uncommon + unusual + rare raining in May de ler…
This is so miracle~~
Hahaha, I’m so lucky…
Can experience raining in AAE~~

aiks~~ dun tell me armageddon is "coming" soon~~~


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