Thursday, May 08, 2008

Driver jailed for death of passenger~~

a driver has been jailed and fined for killing a passenger and injuring 6 others when his car overturned as the result of a burst tyre @ Du-Bye..
this sohai driver lost control of the steering wheel and the vehicle langgar to sand dune before it overturned and landed upside down..

the Traffic Court found this 24 years old Pakistani driver responsible for the accident which occurred because he forgotten to check the tyre pressure...
the court only punished him to two months in jail, fined him Dhs 5k & then ordered him to pay Dhs 200k blood money* to the Indonesian woman's family.
Mean while, this farker’s driving licence was seized for three months ONLY...

Fark dap man...
Jail’inG for 2 months only..

U wont understand my feeling de lar..
Everyday...I sitting inside my teksi i also pray to GOD de...
I really takut m*ti coz all this farkers memang sial de..
Every 1 (who have been in "AAE") also knows how those locals + Pakistani drive their farking vehicle~~!!!
It just like driving on their father’s roads~~~!!
2 words able to describe it~~
is “GANAS + GANASAI”~~!!!

Usually there are farking lots accidents everyday and usually the locals or Pakistani are involved~~!!

Langgar n caused ppl mati baru denda Dhs 200k only~~
If u r rich enough...
Langgar mati org as much as u can..
Baru Dhs 200k for 1 life...
life is so farking chEAp ~~~!!!


* Blood money – when u langgar seseorang sampai dia mati, u gonna compensate his/her family an amount of Dhs 200k~~

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