Monday, April 07, 2008

yes~ 1 week sudah pass~~


i sudah tipu few thousand Dirham in this few dayz~~

damn it~~ i kerja kat M'sia 1 bulan pun tak boled dpt~~

i get a manager pay (according in m'sia) but work as a general clerk here(middle esat)~~
sounds great~~~

but i feel lonely lar~~

sini tak ada books, tak ada novel, tak ada interner, tak ada laptop~~
i feel damn boring~~~

hopefully i'm able to move out to my new accommodation within this week~~
then i wanna buy a laptop~~
apply the internet connection n bla bla bla~~

frankly speaking~~
lucky wai is here...
if not i'm gonna mAd aredi~~

i 1der how he tahan in last few weeks~~
pity fatty wai~~

he is SOSOSOSOSO lucky~~
becoz i'm here...
i can teman him chitchatt~~
so he no ned to waste 2k++ Dirham to call back m'sia(he is too lonely + boring)~~
damn ~~ 2k Dirham can buy N82 @ M'sia aredi lor~~

he is SO SO SO lucky~~
becoz i'm here~~

actually i'm the 1 shall glad becoz he is here~~
if not i sure gila aredi~~
if he is not here~~
then the 1 who spend 2-3k for recharge prepare credit is me aredi~~


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