Monday, October 06, 2008

Shoe Box Appeal ~ (Charity Donation)

there is a new charity donation which we have to contribute to; it has been organized by head office under the name “Shoe Box Appeal”....

my company ada involve n TRY to share the happineEs to those general labors/workers in this Eid ul-Fitr (hari raya/开斋节)~~~
so, my site ada 2 org tolong to organize this kind of Charity activity lar..

this 2 org yg tak ada kerja buat dan manyak senang punya ialah ~~ Imad (a Senior MEP guy) + si-hAM (me)~~


-=MEMO from HQ=-

after 2 weeks ++ punya efforts~~

Yo~~~ !!
We managed to collect 1800 AED in addition to some items bought by David Adams...
thanks to Imad who willing to spend the weekend to buat survey/comparison/negotiation in Dubai~
We were able to fill 41 shoeboxes which are passed to our head office....

n thanks for everybody who contributed to the shoebox charity appeal~~~
(this 41 boxes only for our site only.. i'm stil waiting the HQ to announce how many boxes did we manage to send to the Charity society)

-=picture of our team with the sorted bags=-

once again~
Thank you to those who have so generously provided stuffs and donated the money~~


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