Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally~~Some Quality Time with My Blog


I really need some time to breathe… !!
Been very, super, extremely busy lately…

Finally I have chance to write a bit..
The rest time is a bit short but better than none, right?

well… early of July, my senior QS sudah datang..
(in this company, Sr QS equal to an Ast. Manager in Malaysia jor~ he is the 2nd man in Contract dpmnt)~
I’m so farking bizy to hand over and explain the situation to him…
This site is farking messy man… plus farking complicated..

And then I shift to new Site office & apartment in early of August… At the same time….
I was so bizy to move the things, buy furniture, and settle the rental payment…
run here run there..
cancel the internet connection.. re-apply it for my new apartment..
try to settle the utilities fees (for the old apartment), hand over the apartment to HR dpmnt..
bla bla bla….
Finaly.. I hav som time to write something here..

Aiks~ I really hate to move…
A lot thing need to be done…
I need a break~~


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