Tuesday, April 01, 2008

middLe east~~~!!!

Finally~~ I reach Middle East (Abu Dhabi) as I wish~~

Hrmm~~ happy + worries~~
Feel upset too~~
Upset is becoz gotto left my sweet home againz..
Haihz… left my family members Againz~~!!

Happy is becoz earning more right now…
Damn it~~ I work 1 month @ current company is better than I work half yr in M’sia…
Can u get wat I mean~~!!??
Tat’s mean I can settle my heavy study loan(including my sisters) within 2 yrs whereby it should take me more than 5 yrs to settle it~~
I can achieve financial freedom (clean of loans) within 2 yr ~~
N I can provide farking better life to my mum right now~~~
My sister they all no ned to worries bout their study fees anymore~~
Wat a farking happy cheerful news~~

Even I Dream also smile arr~~

U all won’t understand my feeling de lar…
I’m so farking worries bout this study loans for few yrs aredi~~
Everydayz also thinking bout money money money~~
Almost gila aredi~~~
I ahmoi pun tak berani nak pikat arr….
Farking chammm man~~~

Nowadays kids also noe how to sing it~~
“no money no talk”~~~
Sam Hui (hongkong famous singer) alwyz sing tat “chin chin chin chin” (money money money money)~~
No money u wanna kau lui arr~~??
Even tat ahmoi want , I also dun dare…
So SUFFER~~~!!

But now the situation is different jorRR~~
I got money very soon~~~~
Earn farking a lots comparing wif my same age young adult~~

I cant imagine what will happen in future now…
I have a lots devil frens suggestion me how to use the money now~~
Actually I have a lots devil ideas too~~

Masa tidur pun ketawa now~~

I’M so SATAN~~~!!!!!


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