Tuesday, May 27, 2008

米德乙丝 'AAE' Project

The following pic is my on-going(handl'inG) project~~

Concept Design~~
  • Six (6) residential towers ranging from 21 to 25 floors, on a common podium, with associated parking and external works.
  • Built Up Area - 470,000 m2 +-
  • Contract Period - 40 months
  • Contract Value - AED 3,300,000,000 (US$ 900,000,000 +- or RM2,900,000,000+-)

Progress on site as at 1st May 2008

if my company got the contract in this coming thursday..
then probably i'll stay @ this site for 2-3 or mayb 4 yrs de lar...

if not~~ hehehe.. mayb kena buang (transfer) to others site de lar...

construction is quit complicated man... plus politic...

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