Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things change fast~~~ unpredictable~~!!

9.30am, Thursday, April 10, 2008~~~

Team meeting now~~
it is only for the higher level / management staff~~
is a site meeting among the high management~~
so, I small fish tak payah masuk there..

Abit worries now~~my commercial manager coming back soon wor~~
Rumor lar~~
Actually whole office pun tak really tahu bila dia nak balik~~

I’ll under which team~~!!??

The budgeting team~~!!??
doing budgeting~~!!??
cost control~~!!??
hrmm~~ i'm quite familiar with it~~
it is ok wif me~~
coz this is wat am i doing during the QS consultant firm~~
doing comparision against the forecast costly wif the actual costing~~~
alwyz advise advise advise n try to minimize the cost for the project~~

Or the procurement + payment team~~!!??
this team is doing the job preparing monthly claims + sub-contracting~~
the role involve communication with sub-contractor and suppliers in writing, by telephone and in face-to-face meetings~~~
& mayb with other internal members as necessary to discuss technical issues and problems~~
tat's means u ned to talk much + speak more~~
u ned to hav a better communication skill + writing skill~~
i'm doing this @ previous company too~~
but i hate it~~~
coz my english communication skill + writing skill are farking poor~~
However~~ it is challenging job~~

Probably not the measurement team kua….
I hate to do measurement~~
Sudah few yrs not really do this aredi~~
normally this 1 is done by the juniors~~
doesnt mean i'm senior lar~~
but it used to be done by my junior in my ex ex company~~

Or the new formed team ~?? M&E + precast work punya team~~!!??
M&E works~~
i'm an archi & struture QS ler~~
doing Mechanical & electrical works~~!!??
sanitary plumbing ~~!!??
tak tahu lar~~
totally no idea wat is tat~~~~
usually this is done by the M&E consultant/engineer de~~~

Wat ever lar…
I’m just a small fish here…
I’ll do wat ever u guys ask me to do…

Think positive~~
& look on the positive side of the situation
Everything will be fine~~

Dun worry, be happy~~



10.30am, Thursday, April 10, 2008~~~

Senior came out from the meeting room~~
He organizes a small internal meeting for our team~~
Only 4 of us~~

Surprise~~ !!!
1 of the QS r leaving us~~
a liverpool guy~~
wai call him POOLYAO~~!!

my team form by a Senior QS, a QS n 2 Assistant QS~~
I’m the temporary team member lar~~
Senior QS is the leader of the team here~~

Now fatty are take over that QS’s job~~
& I’m going to take over fatty’s work~~
Fatty banyak cepat get promotion lar…
He naik 1 level within 1 month ++

his face looks stress~~
but this is a good opportunity for him also lar..
he can show the management bout his ability~~

as for me~~
I’ll happy with my current position/situation~~
no jealous + no envy~~
Just “happy” for him~~

I truly understand/believe tat “greater power comes greater responsibility”~~
Slowly lar~~
at this moment~~I wish to assist fatty only lar~~
Back up him at his back when he shouting "need reinforcement"~~

It is considering as a GOOD NEWS for me lar~~
99.9999999% I’ll be located for this project~~~

I tak payah worry tat I’ll going to be “throw” to Dubai or other lousy c2pid site~~
Now is settle down aredi~~

Unless there is another QS coming in to our team..
Otherwise I’ll be in this team~~

Too bad~~
Probably cannot take leave @ same Saturday wif fatty~~
Tat is bad news~~
We cannot pergi sini-sana main together aredi~~


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