Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To the men & women who after the age of 25~~~

To the women who after the age of 25 :

1. start from this year, u can do wat ever u like…
be smart~~ hot~~~ sexy~~~n wiLd~~~~~~
enjoy ur life~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

2. Every day morning, u have to look in the mirror and tell urself tat u really beautiful….
If it is too difficult to convince ur self, try to make up be4 doing tat~~~
u may move the mirror a distant from u… or maybe adjust the lighting, make it darker~~~ no matter wat, u have to believe that u are really beautiful~~~~

3. Buy a lot of sexy underwear/ T-back….
Believe me, wear it n u will fall in love with them~~~~~ luv urself~~~ dun wear those pasar malam stuff anymore lar~~~~ treat urself better~~~~

4. Perfume~~~
If u do not give by men the only 50 ml which costing around RM200 punya Burberrys Women, Christian Dior or DKNY apple (Red Delicious Women Eau De)~ ~~
PLS~~~ buy it urself….. (but at least Bodyshop’s stuff lar ~~~)
If u are so "unfortunate", then u have to buy it at relatively low prices…..
(there is always sales in supermarket~~~~ )
But~~ my dear, why u going to the 26 years old soon but stil tak ada wang to buy perfume~~~!!!??
Ur mum should reminded u tat u need to keep the money in case...
in case no body want u~~~

5. Long hair~~~~ Long Hair 1 is alwyz a beautiful woman, this is becoz it can spread others’ awareness bout ur face~~~

trust me~~ dun cut ur hair & nv make them short~~~
long hair alwyz more attractive~~~ guys also attracting by ur long hair~~~

6. What's more important than enough sleep~~~?
dun go D so frequent lar~~~
although u saying tat is enjoy~~
u must keep up sufficient sleep if u refuse to wrinkle & premature senility~~~

7. u must regularly check ur body…..
if u did not have such a perform then start it frm this year~~~
body checkup at least once per annual~~~
in future, u will eventually understand/realize wat I mean~~~

8. If u are 25 years old n fell in love with a man…
well~~~go ahead~~~~~ dun think so much~~~~
as wat I stated in (1)~~ do wat ever u like ~~
do wat ever u want~~~~ dun think so much~~
enjoy to luv n being luv~~~ who cares wat is going on in futures~~~!!??
maybe besok aredi amagadon ler~~~!!??

9. nv ever fall in luv wif a man who married~~~~
there is another year has passed, he still not yet left his wife~~~
n he would do so in future~~~~ dun be stupid lar u~~~~
believe me~~becoz I’m man~~~ I noe them more than u~~~

10. Buy a house~~!!!
Men will betray you but house wont~~~
u can lock urself inside there when u felt upset/cry n no bodies will notice tat…

11. If u do not want to get married~~~
it mayb a good idea to consider a child~~~
born urself or adoption lar~~~~
but 1 thing u should pay attention is to maintaining ur body~~~~ go celebrity fitness lar~~~ keep ur body fits~~~ luv urself~~~~~

12. I know that u quite upset n feel wanna cry becoz u r 25 yrs old ~~~
n all this is not your imagination~~~ u r not living as what u imagine~~
but u have to remember this in futures~~~
wat u ned to do is just to make urself happy~~~
all this is for your own good~~~~ u must trade urself better ~~~
If you feel happier, it is happy~~~~

+O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O +O

To the men who after the age of 25 :

1. If u found ur luv~~~~go earn/make money~~ n spend ur time to luv her~~~~~

2. If u tak ada GF, then GO MAKE MONEY~~~now~~~~ u idiot~~~~~~!!!

(man's "mission" = earn money~~~) lolz~~~




tina said...


u r talking abt which 25 year old woman??

hAM said...

u guess~~!!??
hahaha ...

to thoses 25 n above 1 lar...

very soon~~ is talking bout u liao~~


but i think ur life sudah cukup amazing liao..
so , those advise(s) is useless for u lar....