Thursday, March 08, 2007

somethng i wanna share wif my frens~~

to those who get ur BSc Degree in Bldg Contract Mgtn / Bldg Construction Mgtn~~~~
i wish u guys good luck in ur future/carreer~~~

there is a story i wanna share wif u guys~~~ (all my frens~~)
especially thos who just fresh grad. frm the UNI~~~

~~~~~the story bout an old man & kid~~~~~

There is an old man fishing at the riverside~~

a child notice he has expert fishing skills… becoz he did catch the fish easily n filled the basket~~

the old man like the kid very much becoz he looks lovely~~
so he wanna giv the whole basket of fish to the kid~~~

but the kid shakes his head,

the old man surprised n asked : "Why u dun1 it~~!!?? "

the kid replied :" I want your fishing rod. "

the old man: "wat for u want the fishing rod~~!!?? Wat u wanna to do wif it~~!!?? "

kid said :" I can easily finish this basket of fishies by few dayz~~ but if I had a fishing rod... I can fish by my own n a lifetime no need to worry bout the food... I can eat un-limited fishes in future~~~ "

I think you will say : "Well, how smart is tat kid….."

But~~~ u r WRONG~~~~
if the kid get the fishing rod~~~~
he cant eat a single fish~~~
not even 1~~~~

This is becoz he dunno bout the fishing skills~~~
it is useless to have a fishing rod~~~~

Wat’s the meaning of this story ler~~~!!!?? 

This story tells us :

There is a lots of ppl tot they aredi got the fishing rod~~ so they fearless in their life~~ but they will facing probs in future~~
Just like wat the kid do~~ he tot he got un-limited fish to eat after he own the fishing rod….
Same as the employees’ view~~ they tot their boss able to roll the money as long as they sitting in an office~~~ the employees nv noe tat wat their boss “PAID” be4 they got such achievement~~

So~~ my frens~~
u got ur fishing rod (cert)~~ but u stil dun hav the fishing skill (exp) yet~~

So~~ dun blame~~ (for those blaming to me bout ur stupid colleague/bosses 1!!)
go learn~~~ u’ll able to eat the un-limited fishes in future~~~BUT not NOW~~~

as our UNI mention ~~~~

~~~~ drEAM~~~~~ pLan~~~~~~ achieve~~~~~

set ur target n go after it~~~

good luck to u all~~~~!!!!!

remember belanja me makan when u guys becom rich~~~~
(tak payah becomz rich lar~~~ spend me a dinner when u get ur 1st salary lar~~~)


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