Monday, March 05, 2007

chap goh may~~~~

chap goh may's result~~~~~
( chap goh may = means 15th night of CNY in Hokkien dialect)

hup dpt 4 contacts~~
wenG got 5~~~~
u tot we go pick up the limau~~!!??
they r not so stupid~~
they straight ask the garl bout their HP number~~~
we wont so stupid go the kolam there pick up the limau 1 lar~~~

hup farking ganas tat dayz...
i think this is becoz he wear his "Combat cloth"~~~
(mickey's power~~~muahahahaha~~)
his power sudah gain more than 200% aredi~~~~
almsot becom super Saiya~~~~
dpt 4 contacts man~~~
not bad~~~
all his target also quite pretty + hot~~~

keng~~ muahahahaha~~~

fark man~~~ u nv c their face when they receive the sms~~
they r farking gay~~~~
especially is tat farker BIG HEAD (hup)~~~
u r damn gayz~~~~~~
smile like farker~~~


but~~i personally quite like the isabel~~
her name is so~~~~ sweet~~~~~~~~~
duno sur name is wat~~~
LA? isabel + la = isabella~~~!??
aiks~~~ i think starting frm now~~~
our weekend will becomz more "interest" or maybe "worse"~~~

p/s: i didnt ask for any contact~~~ coz yee beside me~~~
haiya~~ ahyee lar~~kaka jiaojiao~~ (muahahaha~~) =p


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