Saturday, September 05, 2009

no sacrifice, no gain....

hey buddy~ STOP complaining & grumble lah~~!!!

I noe u wish to reach the sky in a single bound… but i tell u wat... tat is impossible 1… u hav to sacrifice in order to get ‘something’, no free lunch 1, no such thing….

unless u r farking farking lucky… or mayb ur parents ada manyak wang to let u to do ur own biz or u kena lottery… otherwise.. PLS~~!!! do something lah… dun just stay were u r + keep MARK TIME all the way.. wat the hell r u waiting for?? waiting for the gold drop from the sky??

all gains r made at some sacrifices… usually we say “no pain, no gain” (no sacrifice, no gain)… plan something n try to get the way to achieve it…

Sam Witwicky : 'No Sacrifice, No Victory" (Transfomers)

so.... dun just keep blaming lah.. buddy.... >.<

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