Monday, July 20, 2009

hmmmm..... women.........

If there is a restaurant next to your house, the foods r expensive n tasteless, the cockroaches crawl along the wall… r u going to re-visit or return to tat restaurant againz just becoz it is near & convenient to u??

definitely , absolutely, certainly u’ll say “ NO~~~!!!"
"I can go elsewhere.. I won’t be so stupid, I won’t spend money on such idiot restaurant anymnore…”

But somewere, U DO~~~!!!
U really re-visit tat kind of STUPID + IDIOT restaurant even u noe it is sarks~~~!!”

this situation could be applied in ur relationship…
u alwyz complaining about ur bf… he is so irresponsible + reat u badly + sarks + curi makan + alwyz cheating + disloyal…

u noe tat the situation will becom worse in future…. he is hopeless….
HOWEVER, u stil wan to go on, forgive him n continue stick wif him….

It sounds like u stil ‘re-visit’ the idiot restaurant right? even it is expensive, tasteless + dirty~~~

Pls lah… LET GO lah… u r a princess & u deserve to be treated well~~
pls... dump him lar...

I noe u r aging now… doesn’t mean tat u hav to be treated like this…
u noe u r aging now.. tat’s y u hav to make decision quickly…. when u found out tat ur bf treat u badly or not suitable to u.. Dump him~~!!!

sometimes, I wondering y women like to be ‘‘abused’’ by the bad guy…
I alwyz wondered y ladies find it difficult to break their attachment to those who treat them really badly toO….

sigh... I believe this is something to do wif a girls’ self confidence… they might hav lack of self-confidence which leads them to think tat they do not deserve for a better guy therefore they pick the bad 1….


anyway, this is a very sensitive issue to discuss....... i just wish u "all the best" lah... sigh....

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