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legend of the country~

14 January 2009
DUBAI: An average of 1,500 work permits and visas are being canceled in Dubai each day as companies lay off employees in the wake of the global financial crisis.

The number is expected to rise in coming months as thousands of labor complaints currently logged at the Ministry of Labor get processed. Adding to that figure will be the thousands of employees who have been made redundant but are searching for other jobs. Many companies have given redundant employees a grace period of two to three months to look for alternative work. Jobs are, however, rare to find with most companies freezing recruitment.

An official from the Ministry of Labor told Arab News that they started seeing a rise in the cancellation of visas in late October. "On some days, we cancel more than 2,000 permits," he said.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the ministry is dealing with an unprecedented number of complaints from workers. "The ministry is swamped with complaints from workers who have not been paid, or forced to take unpaid leave or who were fired but not paid their dues. Only after settling their cases can their work permits be canceled," he said.

At the Ministry of Labor's Visa Cancellation Section, human resource representatives of companies complain of long queues. "It takes hours to get the cancellation paperwork processed," Naser Ahmad, an employee for a construction group.

Ahmad, who was carrying 10 passports, said his company started layoffs in September. "Up to now, we have cut down 25 percent of the work force," he added.

Another employee said his company has already fired 500 of its 5,000-strong work force. "At the moment, the bosses are waiting to see if the situation improves in a few months. If things do not change there will be more redundancies," he added.

By Shadiah Abdullah

© Arab News 2009

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Yo~~ the recession is coming to UAE~~

U noe how much it cost for a cancelation of a visa?

It is around Dhs 3k++~
OMG~~ average 1.5k visa cancelations per day…

Dhs3,000 x 1,500 = Dhs 4,500,000~~~
Dhs 4.5 million per day~~!!!!
(1.2 million USD+-)
Hrmm.. it is a big amount right?

Untung lar u~ even nak cancel visa pun nak untung ur money…
Frankly speaking.. no hope @ this country aredi.. (for foreign like me lar)
Now I hanya tunggu them goreng me only…
Nyaseng.. even a experience RICS member (registered QS) also kean goreng…
OMG~ u wont noe wat will happen tomolo….

Any way.. I sudah ‘look open’ jor…
Dun bother/worry so much…

Things nak occur, it will occur no matter what you do…

Now they goreng ppl not becoz of ur performance anymore..
For the 1st or 2nd batch, mayb lar..
But now they goreng u becoz they wan to survive..
They do not afford to pay u anymore since no projects on hand (or shall I say all the projects stopped ? becoz this country no more money?)

(btw~ is this mean i can consider as best of the best aredi? goreng so many batch also belum sampai my turn~~)
hahaha... i'm so KENG~~

hAM is bull shit'ing againz~~

No matter wat..
i wish every1 who visit my blog a happy Chinese New Year~~!!
few more dayz is CNY aredi..

Happy “niu nian” (OX yr)~~~!!

posted by a pity fella who stil working in office until 7.21pm

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