Thursday, January 22, 2009


There is a book name H=R/E~~
someone came up with the mathematical formula of H= R/E

it can be read as "H is equal to R per E"

R=reality &

Happiness is equal to Reality divided by Expectations~
therefore~ the happiness r contrary proportional to expectations~~
it means there r 2 ways in order to be happy~ either improve ur reality or lower ur expectations~~
Satisfied easily will make u feel more happy~

My mum alwyz try to tell me something when I was young~
(I alwyz try to fight for the best n wish to win alwyz, so.. I will feel down & moody easily when I cannot achieve something..)

She say “zhi zhu chang le”~~ (知足常乐)
According to my understanding…
It is som kind of ‘satisfied with ur current status, try to accept the reality as the way they r, dun expect too much~ it will make u feel more happy’~

when u r dreaming or hoping~~ it means, u r expecting something to be happen~~
but most of the dreams r just meant to be crush~~
yes~ whether u like it or not, certain dreams r impossible to be achieved~~
especially those dreams tat u really~ really~really WANT~~!!!!
so~ lower down ur expextation n satisfied wif ur current status…
U’ll fell more happy~~

guess wat~!!??
along these few yrs~~ hAM’s rulez is H= M/E ~

M=Money &

Lolz~~ the more money I earn or the lower expenses I spend every month can determine hAM’s happiness of tat month…
Wat a poor pity life….

But now I try to “think out of the box” aredi lar…
Dun alwyz thinking bout money..
Beside money, there r lots of things ned to be concerned in my life…
I ned to start enjoy my life toO…
Life is just too short~~

Tat’s y I create a To-Do-List in 2009…
I’ll try to achieve/accomplish the things in tat list…
In order to make myself more “loveable”~~

wish everyboDy a Happy Chinese New Year~~!!

(last working day before CNY~~)

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