Monday, July 09, 2007

workplace molestation~~~~!!!

molest by ur boss~~!!??
Damn it~~~

This is an old topic aredi~~
Workplace molestation~~~!!!!!
We always heard bout the female staff kena molest by their colleague~~~
normally is their superior~~

truth story here~~
I heard tat there is a female fren kena molest by her superior~~
40 ++ yrs old punya old fella~~
married som more~~~
4 HSL (Ham Sap Lou)~~

Damn it~~
Duo shui kah~~~
Sia shui fella~~~
4 oldman~~~~

mahai~~~ 40++ yrs old go molest a 20+ yrs old garl~~
u got hati 1 o not?
Ur heart kena makan by the dog~~!!???
Ada balasan 1 lar…
I think ur daughter also macam this kind of age only lar..
Imagine ur daughter kena molest by her hamsap superior lar…

That female fren dun dare to shout bout the truth~~
She diam-diam after kena molest then quit the company diam-diam too~~

If my office punya female colleague kena molest~~!!??
Hrmm~~ I think the whole world also noe bout tat…
N mayb report to the police sommore~~~
(y sounds like my office’s garls so garang 1~~~!!??)
duno y lar.. they just giv me the feeling of this…
they all looks so “tough”~~~
tat’s y better dun kacau them~~~
lolz~~~ HSL wanna cari makan better go far far away~~~

I think our culture or our living environment is sick~~~
I think a lots females also dun dare to expose these molest stuff to the public or family 1~~
They think it’s so embarrassment~~~
Shy & shame to tell others~~

So the HSL becom more ganas lar~~
Whose the nex victim~~~!!??

farks man~~
I really feel wanna whack tat old fella although I’m not so closed wif tat female fren~~~
damn it~~ idiot~~
xia shui our guys faces~~~

u should report to the management if kena molest~~~
if the things cant settle internally (or the person who doing tat to u is ur boss)~~
report to the police~~
but~~ most cases go unreported as women feel shy away from the police involvement~~~
(n I think our country punya police may laugh on u also… make u feel more embarrassing~~~ this is M boleh~~~~~!!! )
if the policeman cant do anything~~~
then go report to the MCA 张天赐~~~
he sure will settle it for u 1~~~

dun just let it go~~~
must giv those farker idiot a lesson~~~!!!
If not, more n more molest + raping cases in future since those farker becom more n more fearless + brave~~~


HuonHengChai said...

Go make police report, dude!

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

bukan I kena molest lar…
Report wat orr~~!!??
report for her~~!??
sommore tat garl sudah resign jorr larr…
this thing happen few months ago jorr~~
N she seems like dun wan others noe bout it~~
haihz… sigh~~~~~

Hey~~ I noe tat u just get a new job~~~
So~~ u noe wat u CAN DO in ur office lar~~~!!??

Hahahahaha~~~ =p