Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ring ring ring~~~

Ring ring ring~~~~!!

Ring @ midnight~~~!!
Not the Japanese RING lar~~~

Som 1(1 of my fren) alwayz off his mobile when he sleping~~~
N guess wat is happening~~!!??

A very hot + wild + sexy + pretty babe calling him during 3 a.m.~~~
Tat fella wake up at the morning baru switch on the mobile…
N saw 2 misscall at midnight~~~ 3 something~~~
can u imagine how his face looks like~~!!??
terus tukar to green + hitam~~~

He is farking regret now~~
he did sms + call back tat garl @ the early of the morning~~
but tat garl nv reply him anymore~~

Duno y tat garl looking for him @ midnight~~
3 something somemore~~~
2 calls sommore~~
but Friday night 3 something is ok lar~~~
we~~~ will nv noe the answer 4ever~~

BECOZ tat garl DUN 1 reply him anymore~~~

My advise to this fella~~
nv ever switch off ur phone during the night lar~~
aiyo , ppl urgent baru call u 1 mar~~
wont call u @ midnight for fun 1 lar~~
at least my frens wont do tat (call for fun) lor~~~
block those farkers if those farker dare to call u @ midnight just for kacau~~
c~~ u miss a chance~~
mayb tat garl really neds ur help at midnight~~
haihz…. Poor pity fella~~~

haihz~~~this fella stil switch off his mobile when he sleping~~
haihz~~~ tak listen others’ punya advise 1~~
I hope tat garl call him againz~~ in this weekend~~ 4 am something~~~

let's pray~~~~~

i wish c his "very down" punya muka~~~
dai 4~~~~

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