Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lesson 2 - for pity SK~~

i quite like this story~~
although it is full of arguments~~

this story is specially wrote for mR. HO~~~
giv up lar~~~~!!!!







i translate this story to english since Tina request me to do so~~
(fairwell present for u lar sicne is ur last day in HQ~~~ ><) i try my best to translate it lar.... but i think this story really full of "arguments".... garls sure scold " ur guys alwyz think bout~~~ sex sex sex~~~!!" ok~~ stop talking nonsense~~ let's start the story~~~~ =p

The story bout snakes and turtle

There are 2 snakes very fren 1..
1 is tak ada poison (anaconda~~??) ~~
n another 1 ada poison 1(name it little cobra lar)..

Satu hari, they jalan-jalan at the garden~~~
suddenly they found a huge turtle on the roadside....
These 2 Snake brothers pun berfikir tat “ walau yeh~~ so BIG punya turtle, delicious meal leh…"

The anaconda said : "let me deal with the stupid dump turtle…"
So the anaconda display his skills, physically attack~~~entangle the large turtle firmly…
But the anaconda unable to hurt the turtle since the turtle hiding its body inside its shell…

after few mins..
the “useless” anaconda giv up becoz it unable to kill the turtle..…

since outside diam-diam sngt~~~
the stupid dump large turtle exposed his head to spy whether the snakes gone o not(really stupid dump turtle, tengok apa lar)…
then the cobra bitten on the turtle head (龟头 guai tao >< ) with the lightning speed… few minutes later, the turtle died of intoxication....    Anaconda : "shit~~!!! I have spent so much effort but yet could not harm a turtle... but u able to do tat easily… u “beli” kenG wor~~"    The little cobra said : "this is becoz I know it's vital/crucial…" But the next problem they facing is~~ the death turtle still caught in tat large turtle shell.... these two snakes are edible animals and they can not makan the turtle macam tu… so.. no choice.. they hav to let go n leave the death turtle there…

Wat’s the meaning of this story ler~~~!!!?? 

This story tells us : u wont able to tackle the garl although u keep chasing her without giving up, u must UNDERSTAND tat garl then only able to GET her HEART~~~

This story also telling us that : If you can not take off the garl's clothes, PLS~~~ do not spend ur time n energy to tackle her lar~~~ sai hei~~~~ waste ur time + money~~~

i'm damn jin kak.. i noe tat...


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the end~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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tina said...

oi, put in english la! wa tak tau read mandarin le...