Thursday, March 01, 2007

arrRRRR~ mana ada lubanG~~~!!!??

wah , tsk tsk..
paisei paise...

i date wif 2 remisier n i didnt notice tat...

no 1der sudden change the location lar..
another poor remisier waiting me at section 14 mcD for more than 30 mins(my phone no battery) when i meeting wif another remisier...

hahaha , i also not sure wat is happening~~~~

i try explain lar..
i think the story is like tat...

there is a remisier (let's giv him a name remisier A call me for open a trading account~~
n he keep postpone~~ 3 dayz aredi..
now day 4th stil no respond~~
so wai( gamuda chan) suggest me n giv me another remisier contact ..
so i call this remisier (let's giv him a name remisier B) n i giv up bout the remisier A aredi~~

remisier B call me at noon(01.03.2007) n date to meet me at Atria DJ 7.30pm~~
then i promise say OK lor...

the remisier A call me ask me were am i now (afterward only i notice)~~
i say stil in office ~~~
n i tot he is the remisier B ( coz i dun hav their handphone number~~ this 2 fella call me by their office phone~~ n they r frm same company sommore~~ i lansung tak tahu)~~
so date meet in Atria DJ againz~~~
but he say mayb we can make it at SS14 mcD~~
then i say ok lor....

guess wat~~~!!!???
i reach n finish my set of filot-o fish then i receive a call frm A~~
he ask were am i , i say mcD 1st flooR~~~
then he off the line~~
5 second later~~ the remisier B call me ask were am i~~
i say ss24 mcD lor~~
he say "harr? not Atria~~~!!??"

then i say "Atria~~!?? i tot ss14? nv mind, i come to u lar"
( i tot A & B is a same person, there is the mistake here)

aiks... i also duno wat am i talking bout now....
i mess up 2 person aredi..
cant think logically now...
how come this kind of mistake happen~~~!!??

the remisier A really pity~~
waiting at mcD more than 40 mins ( coz my phone no battery, i receive his call after 40 mins)

i sure kena curse kao kao aredi~~~

remisier A... pls forgiv me~~~~
i try find u another client lar~~~
sorry arrr~~~~

dun curse me pls~~~

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