Sunday, March 25, 2007

"langgar hantu" ~~ opss~~ "langgar coursemates" lar~~~ ><

saturday night~~
after yamcha then nothing to go~~~
Pergi the curve watch movie 1…
But it seem alots ppl~~
so~~ giv up~~

OMG~~ saw DQS group A punya coursemates~~
Hahaha~~ hide hide hide~~~

They saw me~~
My baju almost kena goyak by minG hooi & yeen ni~~~
wah~~ I sudah pura-pura tak nampak u aredi 1…
Stil drag my baju for wat~~~

Muahahaha~~~ =p
just kidding lar~~~

Lolz~~ afterward we call hup join us yamcha @ the KAYU~~~
Wau~~ ming mooi , yeen ni & jing wei stil stil same~~
didn’t change alots~~~
The mouth stil bilibara~~ non- stop~~~
hahaha ~~~

Ppl say tat 2 women = 500 ducks~~~
lolz.. I think I saw 750 ducks yesterday~~~
opss, mayb more than tat~~~

it is a good memory~~
we all talk nonsense there ~~

lolz~~ hope som1 will organize a QS gathering in future lar~~
oh , ya~~~ ming hooi~~ I recommend u to be the organizer it lar~~~


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