Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Tender submitted~~
i just assist at last few dayz to do the submission works only..
very little works...

after makan n nothing to do..
feel boring~~~

nothing to do againz~~~
if boss question me againz “Chong, wat r u doing recently ?”
then I really duno how to answer…. againz....
Mayb just answer same as last time lar..
Then my boss sure shout againz…

btw~~ he also noe tat nothing for us to do now lar..
dia ni GM ler..
tak ada tender kita pun tak boleh buat apa-apa 1…

"we" typing the quotation into softcopy lor..
lolz.. typing works… boring~~~~
ccb~~~ @#$%^&*@#$

oh ya~~~ my boss besok bird day wor~~~
i think he is 54 / 55 yrs old aredi..
retired soON~~~
duno who is going to take over his "seat"...

nex month~~~ road builders got lima belas (15) ekor orang coming in...
i like to call them ekor arr..
u blow me arr....

hahaha~~ I feel tat wanna request transfer to site lar…
so many ppls in a narrow restricted + limited area~~~
macam satin fish~~~
+++ i memang tak banyak kerja kat sini...

haihz~~~~ tian arrrrrrrrrr~~~~
wat am I doing here~~!!??
Tipu gaji'ing~~~


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