Wednesday, January 24, 2007

miserable life~~


tat’s the mavis’s (ccc’s gf) view on me nOw~~~

1st the tender closing soON....
n the singaporean coming to my company soon…
n my senior on leave start frm 1st of feb – 5th feb…
n the stupit submition now extended frm 26th to 5th…

tat’s mean tat I gonna incharge n “CHAP SAU MEI” if the Singaporean coming on 2nd of feb(if they rnot coming to my company at 28th – 31st)…….

goD damn…
how could I explain the costing to the farking Singaporean…??
I not familiar wif all this kind of stuff… not confident also….

1 more thng… my English damn poor lar..
how to communicate wif this farking kiasu, kiasi, kiapoh fella~~~!!!???
(sorry , dun really wanna bias singaporean~~~but they really do "loOK down on m'sian~~ =p)

wat a nice n "suitable" describtion~~~

make me feEL wanna cry nOW~~~~


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