Friday, December 22, 2006

Fw: Warning to all- dangerous software

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Warning to all- dangerous software

This is a warning to all. Something evil has been unleashed into our air waves and will soon be spreading around like hot gossips. It is unstopable, and untamable. It's smooth and sly, and you cannot sniff anything nasty from it.

Be aware of a certain website tht allows its members to send out sms to anyone using other people's number. As long as the user has got other people's number, he can use it to spam sms anyone he wants. Tell me it is not dangerous?

So if you receive any weird and seemingly unbelonging sms from your friends, think twice before replying. It could be a spam from this website.I hope somebody could stop the spreading of this wicked website. It will not be long before it becomes accessible to many and render SMSes unreliable anymore.

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( "capture frm my colleague~~tina's bloG~~ )

p/s: i dO receive a sms frm "tina" saying tat "luv ya. haha...." reaL 1....
i tot she really admired me pulAK~~~ muahahaha~~~ ><

frankly speaking~~tat software really dasyat lar~~~ kalau ada org guna i punya number sms garls then i sure "zzZzZzzzz" aredi~~~~~~

imagen tat if K receive a sms frm "D"..... saying tat she(D) luv him~~
then this K sure happy like heLL~~ but afterward~~~sure #$%^&*
dun how is the enDing already~~~
war begin~~~~ after he realize he kena con~~~~

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh?!?!?!isn't it? how u know?where to get? how much it costs? wat kind of software? can we get it from here? Low Yat? Kota Raya? so, suspicious... :P