Friday, December 22, 2006

beSok satuRday~~~ muahAhahA~~

halF day for thiS weekend saturday~~~

gagaga~~~ happy happy~~~ ^^

there is 1 thinG i very "pening" & worry bout working saturday~~~
noe wat is tat~~~??
i hav to choOse wat to weAr~~~

sound like a bit "nah piat"~~~rigHt~~!!??
but i wear uniform everyday 1..
sudden ask me open the almari to choOse wat to wear wor~~
zzzz~~~ really zzzz......

i begitu "besar" sampai ni tak pernah open the almari n stand there to think wat to wear 1...
even go ouT wif garls arr.. i also nv do so...
but.... now adalah pergi kerja ler...
bukan keluar yamcha oR main-main....
hav to think man...

wear england JC~~~??
the office is too cold lar..
JC so nipis...

wear t-shirt~~!!??
tak ada coLLar ler.... macam tak sesuai ni...

wear collar t-shirt~~!!??
aiks~~~this 1 i wear on 2 weeks ago.....
tat 1 wear a months ago.....
thiS color too sharp.....

pants's turn~~~~~~

wear slack~~!!??
gila karr~~!!??
hari sabtu lar~~~

wear jeans~~!!??
aiks.. duno y.. after working i dun like jeans...
so... sembit~~~~not so comfortable.....
toO tie lar........
some "parts" of my body rasa tak "sedap"~~~~ =p

"apa i wants to wear tomolo morning~~~~~~!!!!"

"ccb~~~mch~~~~ $%^&*$%^*&^%$#~~~~really gay~~~"
"besok punya hAL~~besok only think lar..."

"ok... deal~~~~"
"but~~~if i wake up then only choOse i might be late 1 wor~~~~"

siAm lar u~~~

(thiS is stupId hAM~~ aiks~~~~after makAN n nothing to do~~is like tat 1 lar...pergi "update my bloG lor) ><

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