Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tender submitted~~~!!!!!

Tender submitted…
n X’mas coming~~~

Wat am I doIng now~~!??
farking boring~~~!!

now i start thinking....
Imagine 'ing~~~~~~~

I wish I got 5 million~~~
If I goT 5 million…

I’ll burn 1 million infront of keap’s house~~~(wah, sure hav to ask fireman to pull out the fire if I use 1 million of satU ringgit~~~)

I’ll throw 1 million into the seA~~~ (wah, the sea looks red if I using 10 ringgit~~~reD sea~~coOL~~)

I’ll tukar another 1 million into 50 ringgit then roll them in 100 pieces per roll (20,000 rolls) n throw to ah foOk~~ let the money press on hIm … mati lar u~~~ muahahaha~~~

Wat will I do bout the remaining 2 million~~!!??
Aiks~~ some times too rich also very mafan~~~
Duno how to spend the monEY~~(sound like I really got 5 million)

Boring ~~~~
This me~~~ hAM~~~
When i nothing to dO~~ I am siAL 1~~~lolz~~~

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