Wednesday, December 13, 2006

submit tender~~~~ ^^

this after i pergi submit tender kat sungai wang~~~
submission of tat stupid Pavilion Kuala Lumpur punya service apartment lar~~~
(TMD~~rush for few weeks~~~)

aiks~~ we submit tender dengan 3 bangsa ler..

muahahaha~~ a india (my senior QS who jsut came back frm dubai~~seOng wai ganti him to dubai tat 1 lar~~~=p), a malay ( i tak tahu dia punya post... office boy~~!!?? no no no.. he is too old for tat... office man~~?? got such post 1 mer... ohh i got it.. he is Photostep MAnageR~~ Photostep drwgs 1~~~) n i(chinese)~~~~!!
muahahahaha~~~ so "bar bi"~~~lolz~~~ 3 bangsa pergi utk submit 1 tender~~~
sound like last time the malaysian go negotiate wif the england to get merdeka~~~

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