Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sAw cs at island cafe~~~~

cs= c-siong~~ (duno spelling correct o not)

last saturday night i went to island cafe(ss2) wif frens~~


suddenly got ppl scream my nick~~
i tot which enermy wanna whack me~~ (hAM do lots of bad things~~~muahahah)
i straight away close my eye n angkat my tangan to defence myself~~ after 5 saat~~tak ada egg throw on me 1~~~!!??
then only i open my eye n c which farker screaming my name~~~
tat farker = c-siong~~~
muahahaha~~ OMG, whole table full of lui's.... (i think quite pretty~~coz i am looking for seats, so didnt c them "truely"~~~ =p )

haihz~~ duno where this farker tipu begitu ramai "liong ka fu lui" (良家妇女)...
haihz , duno siapa punya anak.. so kesian... kena buaya by cs~~~

i saw them main-main tangan there man.. (maybe playing game lar~~)
buaya betul ni~~~~(sound like i jealous aredi~~~hahaha)

9.45pm 13.12.2006

C s ² says: WAT BUAYA!!

C s ² says:
my face like buaya MEH!!

C s ² says:

C s ² says:
sei yea~

C s ² says:
later makan u then u know
(nak makan i wor~~ tat 1 not buaya kar~~?? ><)

9.55pm 13.12.2006

C s ² says:
burn ur blog

C s ² says:
burn ur blog

*** i wont surrender to gengster 1~~~ (偶是不会向“恶势力”低头的~~~~~)
i still wanna post this even u burn my blog~~~
"justice" wont die (正义不死)~~~!!

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