Thursday, December 14, 2006

changed template~~

previous template very "luan shui"~~~
tat is wat weng said...

8.26pm 14.12.2006

Ar winG says:
mei lan oh

Ar winG says:
so luan sui leh!!!!!!!!

Ar winG says:
ji*** ( no dirty word~~as u wish~~i go "MASAKE"~~the spelling right o not??)

(ahh_mun or hAM² @ PJ) ~!! says:
hahaha , i wanna ask Khong hao fix for me 1..
tat farker not free

Ar winG says:
really luan sui

Ar winG says:
make me no feel to watch lah

Ar winG says:

Ar winG says:
make it better lah

Ar winG says:
i juz saw the jibai baja hitam 2 ppl
(hey~~pls lar... wat baja hitam~~ ><)

~~~the end~~~~

lolz~~so change it lor...
actually i feel messy too~~ tat farker kh stil dun1 help me to "fix" it..
i duno how to set template lar.. ><

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