Tuesday, April 07, 2009

wtf~~!!?? 15 candidates in a by-election~~!!??

yes, 15~~!!

this is crazy!
13 independents and 1 each from BN and PKR…
PKM~~!!! Suddenly so many independents coming up to want to contest….
I heard tat there are 6 indians, 6 malays and 1 chinese independents go for the election...


Can u imagine tat??
15 names.. n the ‘ballot paper’ use to vote is using the A3 size 1..
There is an auntie unable to fold it up n put inside the ballot box after she vote somebody…

Damn funny~~~

well, since this 15 candidates in a by-election is the first in Malaysia…
it is a very historic, so I’m going blog bout it…
Malaysia BOLEH~~!!!

Below r the Logo(s) representing the candidates… approved by the government for the independents…
damn funny…

1. Keys;
2. Chicken;
3. Bus;
4. Bike;
5. Book;
6. gasing (traditional game/toy);
7. scissor;
8. fish;
9. alarm clock;
10. aeroplane;
11. shoe;
12. tiger head;
13. chair;
14. typing machine;
15. tobacco pipe;
16. umbrella;
17. Palm Oil Plant;
18. Telephone;
19. Tractor &
20. Wau (traditional game/toy)

this is the ballot paper which an old lady cannot fold it n put into the ballot box...
farking huge right??


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Tina K said...

damn, i wanted to blog about this but somehow cannot upload the pics that time. cis!

anyway, me thinks the pictures look like the nombor ekor
dream book', hahaha.