Tuesday, July 17, 2007

鸡屎果 n番石榴~~~

I ask few of my frens (inside my msn list) a question just now~~

I ask : "hey~ wat’s the dif between 鸡屎果(kai shi ko~~ Cantonese) n 番石榴(fan she liu~~ mandarin)~~!!??"

100% of them say duno..

n majority of them question me back ~~
“ got different mer??”

I answer : "got~~ the different is 鸡屎果(kai shi ko) is bigger n 番石榴(fan she liu) is smaller…"

A: “wakao, ur head lar”

B: “fuck u”

C: “ u sohai ahh?”

D: “………”

E: “mahai”

F: “mch, are u fooling me?”

Hrmm…. I think I consider quite polite compare wif this gentlemen lar~~
Coz I did ask my fren bout the same question on Sunday night~~
N he answer me the answer exactly like wat I answer u guys~~

the different is 鸡屎果(kai shi ko) is bigger n 番石榴(fan she liu) is smaller lar…

n mine respond is~~~ stun for 3 seconds there~~
the time like stopped~~~
wat the hell~~~
this fella really damn genius lar…
like tat also can…
but his face showing extreme confident on his answer..
he doesn’t looks like joke lar…

wat kind of respond should I show to him~~??
I sudah stun for 3 seconds jorr…
N I couldn’t speak a single word out of my mouth~~~s
Wat’s my reaction at this moment is ~~~ just open my mouth n staring him~~

Yet~~ he stil showing me tat he is so proud + confident wif his answer….

other frens start laughing jorr~~~
som times I really “respect” this Mr. Ho Weng Keap~~~
He is a genius + intelligent + smart fella~~~
He noe EVERY things 1….

I wonder wat’s the answer if I ask him~~
wat’s the different between durian & 榴莲 (liu lian~mandarin)~~??”

Will he answer me tat~~
"durian is bigger 1… 榴莲 (Liu lian) is smaller …!!!???"


p/s: coconut is bigger~~~ kelapa is smaller~~~!!!!!


HuonHengChai said...

LOL, Wtf! Like that also can!

ahh_mun vS hAM said...

Nex time got chance I sure introduce him to u~~
U hardly find another person same character as him in this world~~
Mayb got lar..
but I think out of 100 million baru ada satu lar…

he is a professor~~
he noe every thing in the world..
sometimes I speculate he is the son of the god frm the heaven…
he can answer u any question~~
such as~~
- baseball game~~ 1 fella run 1 circle will get 3 points~~
- golf players who hits more will be the winner~~~
n etc~~~

u wont noe wat he will SAY @ nex moment~~~
tiap-tiap hari pun ada baru punya idea~~~