Monday, April 16, 2007

the waR is begiN~~~ Alphabet "R"~~ (R字头)~~

●█〓█████▄▄▄▄▄▄ ------------- ●

nah nah nah~~
I’m not the person who likes to play politics in company~~
But~~ I still want to express some feeling here…

Walauyeh~~ so many “Ran-mountain” ppl coming into my company now~~~
very soON~~
they will take over the “Ikut Jalan Mati” punya post-tender dprtment~~~
I’m thinking tat the “Ran-mountain” Bhd quite kesian lar~~
so many staffs quit~~~

it remind me bout the TL (QS Consultant firm)~~
6 out of 9 staffs resign within the same month(March 07)~~~
hahaha~~ all tender to resign after get the bonus~~


the boss muka pun sudah hitam~~
opsss~~~ i think early is hitam~~
then change becomz putih after receiving so many resign letters within 1 month~~
break record lar~~~ 66.67% staff tender to resign within 1 month wor~~
u tak takut i pun takut~~~
as wat we chinese ppl say~~
white hair also come out arr~~~
(一夜白发~~!!?? 白发魔鬼/男~~!!??)


Tat’s y Weng suggest Big Head take a white envelop on hand & walk around in the office~~~ menakutkan bosSnya~~~
Force his boss to increase his salary~~~ muahahaha~~~ goOD idea~~~~


back to my topic~~

the “Road-Maker” Berhad ppls will coming in toO~~~
I 1der is “Ikut Jalan Mati” take over the “Road-maker” or the “Road-maker” take over “Ikut Jalan Mati”~~~

Anywayz~~ I think the Alphabet “R” ppls r going to take over n fully control my company soOn~~~


We gonna conquest by the enermies~~~
dun kiLL me pls~~
i just a small fish~~~~~


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