Saturday, April 07, 2007

SANBUMI (9113)~~

after discussion wif foOk~~~

we decided to buy SANBUMI (9113)~~~!!!!

patimas not so confident now~~~
so late aredi~~~~

sunway-w gain already~~~
i tak suka it anymore....
last time use to be RM0.16-0.19~~~
now aredi RM0.345~~~
so late~~~

zecon aredi gain almsot 20% frm my estimate~~
unless it drop back to the RM0.46-0.48 lar~~~
it just gain from 0.46 to 0.545 in 2 dayz..
damn it~~~~~

(damn~~ foOK lar~~~ last 2 week not free lar~~~)
semua shares pun dah naik~~~


jotech is another potential share~~~
tat 1 we hav the same view/opinion~~~
it is consider as long term investment~~
but~~~so far we 2 small fish wish to earn som money within short period...

so , masuk SANBUMI (9113) at RM0.85-0.87 is the best for us..
we both agreed tat this share can keep for either "attack" or "defence"~~~

i think probably will keep for not longer than 5 months
should sell it within 5 months~~~
hope it take shorter time to achieve the price we want lar~~~

wish us goOd luck~~~~

hamtam sahaja~~~


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