Wednesday, April 04, 2007

power poinT jobs~~~

whole dayz doINg power points for boSs~~~

he wanna make a booklet oF railworks project woR~~~
damn rush man~~~
few admendment aredi~~

then he wanna "adendum" at last min pulak..
wanna combine the IJM & Road Builder's previous jobs togeter in 1 booklet...
OMG~~~ wanna complete tat n print out 3 coppies by todayz...
& hav to burn into CD too…
rush rush rush~~~
our deprtmnt punya lousy colour printer is sarks~~~
10-20 mins for a single page of colour page...
30+ pages there lar...
3 coppies = 3 * 30pages *10 mins = 900 mins ( 15 hours) >.<

lucky my colleague helping me~~
they went to upstair & use others deprtmnt punya colour printer...
10 second sudah 1 page lar..
thanks alots.... =p

wau… alots directors in 3rd floor~~~
holly shit…. this is my 1st time c the CEO/ managing director (KT)~~ =p
lolz...i think i nv c him be4~~~~
kerja sini almost 6 months aredi.. tapi tak pernah jumpa CEO... =p

goOd news~~
i get confirm ~~~

bad news~~~
increament = zzZzZzzz~~~
(dun ask how much~~ P & C) =p

good newS~~
tak payah takut will becom beggar~~
at least guarantee ada “porridge” to eat in future~~~
( I hear big company tak goring ppl 1 after they confirm som1…
they just force u to left only if they dun1 u~~~) =p

bad news~~~ gonna giv 1 month notice if wanna resiGn~~~ =p

aiks~~~ job done~~~
go back to do my key in data jobs......
ohh~~~~almost 5.30~~~


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