Friday, April 27, 2007

pooR fella~~ bad luck fella~~ "shui hai"~~~


do u guys believe tat som times som1 will bring the bad luck to others ppl~~!!??

satu org boleh make the ship/boat kelam 1~~

last time i used to refer to 1 "shui hai" when i gamble in world cup...
guess wat... i alwys win...
win 8 matches out of 10~~~
1 draw + 1 lose only~~~

lolz~~ tat's y..
as wat i alwyz say.....
dun follow the ONG fella~~
1st.. u gonna find the "shui hai" out 1st....
then "bet" the opposite~~

go genting punya 1st mission is find the most bad luck fella out 1st..
then bet against him/her~~~

guess wat...
i found another "shui hai" now~~~
MAX is the 1~~~

it sudden remind me somthing~~
do u believe tat ada org boleh jatuh his HP to toilet bowl when he bang sai~~!!??
hahaha~~~ he is the 1.....
wat for u bang sai also wanna answer the call...?

big biz arrr~~!!???
big customer calling~~!!??
aiyo~~~ finish/done ur "biz" in toilet 1st lar.......
call can answer later 1...
call tat fella back later lar....
o u wanna save the credit~~!?!?
i tot u using post-paid~~!!??
u r bosS lar....
dun so kiang siaP lar~~~

OH SHI is more important lar~~~

P/s: Max, i purposely write this 1... to promote u~~!! u becom famous lar~~~ =p


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