Friday, March 23, 2007


there is 2 articles deleted..
mayb som of u did read it~~
it is write for vent my emotions~~
n inside alots of bad words~~
scolding ppl~~

actually i did write alots bout the things happen in last few dayz...
5 article stil in draft mode~~
regarding som happy memory~~
but i dun feel tat wanna post it out anymore~~

the feeling of being frame-up is damn bad~~~

the following is the summary of the things happened in few dayz.....

Expectant~~~ Riding the mood~~~

Dream becomz true~~~ Happy~~ excellent~~~

Interrupt~~~ Disrupt~~ by fren~~~

Early~~Angry~~ Mad~~

After~~~ disappoint~~~ upset~~~ feel been Betrayed~~~

feeling bad shape til noW~~~

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