Friday, March 30, 2007

latest news~~~ colleague transfering to site~~

Goldis tower~~~


my colleague gonna transfer to tat site soon..
she has to go to tat site on monday~~
so rush man~~~
i hear tat the QS there is taking maternity leave wor~~~
lolz.. early I tot either me o another 2 colleague gonna transfer to tat site 1…


Mana tahu kuda hitam telah keluar~~~


so.. I’m gonna stay at HQ…
for duno how long… =p

actually stay HQ is ok for me~~
but site also not bad..
since I lack of exp in highrise building~~
so, I think is good for me to learn something there…

lolz.. my boss said tat highrise is totally dif wif terrace 1…
I agree bout tat too..
Terrace house is much more easy lar..
Just double storey or single storey..
easy job… =p

Hope they get award for the pavilion jobs..
although I think the chances is low + small.. =p

1 more thing..
plS~~~~dun throw me to infra work punya site..
it's gonna kill me~~~ I prefer building works lar…


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