Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"renovation" of mR hO wenG keAp~~


i received a sms at early morning of sunday (actually almost 12noon)~~
farker keap(previously call SK1.. but since he dun like ppl call him sk… so I call back keap lor….) ask me bring him to salon wor~~~~!!

he really did ask me to bring him to salon to cut his hair~~~
a dayz before we yam cha at 2nd floor~~~
then wenG n me advise him try to change his hair style…

wau~~hAM's word sudden becom so "poWerfuL" now~~~
really do influence keap now…..
since whEn arr~~!!??
he really do "liSten" n accept ouR adviSe aredi~~~~

he really ready to "improve" himself aredi~~~


my turn to "lut" aredi~~~
dAMn~~ bring him to which salon orrr~~~!!???
later i'll kena kao kao....
if the haiR style cant satisfy to others QS kakies' requirement~~~

1sT~~ I call big head(hup)~~~
opsss~~no body answer my cAll~~
aiks~~sunday nooN~~ he futsal'ing lar...

so~~i call chacha~~
fark~~ dun answer my caLL toO~~~
sure pak tuo wif that color~~~~
dun bother theM lar~~

no choose~~
who is neXt~~~~!!??
cb wenG lar~~~

"oii~~~ were the fark r u now~~!!??"

"i just tabao lar~~going hoMe makAn lar~~~"

"wtf~~~~u cb.... lunch call us lar~~~ @#$%^&*"
"now keap asking me bring him to cut his haiR~~~~ ><"

"muahahaha~~~really arrr~~~!!?? SK really wanna change aredi~~finally~~"

"^$%^&*@ bring him to which salon~~~~!??"

"denG~~ ask biG heaD lar~~~he more “familiar” wif this kind of thing lar…."

"#$%^&* biG head futsal'ing lar~~~ chacha busy wif color also….."
"wait~~~~ he calling back~~~ok lar... keep contact lar..."

"ok~~~i mayb com to PJ afterward lar~~~"

"kiesss.. bb~~~~"


biG head: " call me for wat~~~!!?? futsal'ing lar~~~"

"$%^&*@ SK ask me bring him to salon~~~ u recommend which 1~~~!!!???"

“y he ask u bring him to salon~~~!!??”

(this biG head really big head~~~8 kua ppl~~~) =.='''

“aiks~~~ last night we “COK” & “DAI” him lar… how I noe he really listen to our advise 1~~~!!!!??”

“ ok~~~~ so~~~thomas & guy lar~~~ or mayb Kimarie lar~~~"
"ss2 there onlY~~~ very neaR 1~~~"

“oh~~~ ok~~~~no prob~~~ holly shit~~ he reach my house~~~”

I forgot tat he move to sunway now~~~
Aiks… I tot he stil staying in Klang pulak….><

Finally~~~ we went to kimarie lar~~~
( I tot I gonna cut my hair 2 more weeks 1.. since it stil consider as short…. But… wat to do~~~!!?? Since tat fella feel wanna cut his hair VERY much~~~ I hav to follow lar… tak kan I sit at the salon n waiting for him right~~~!!?? Lolz….)

Finally~~~ our Mr Ho Weng Keap hav a new loOk….
Even I think the style stil the same…
Only shorter than last time...
Anywayz hav to wait him “GER” his hair then only noe ok o not 1….

So… waitinG to c his “new look” this weekend lar…

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