Saturday, December 09, 2006

紧急突发事件~~ unexpected incident~~~ (final)


the "she" i mean is my lovely honey sweet heart PC~~~
she is my 2nd life...

OMG~~~ i lost all my pic~~~ those sweet n grieved memories in liverpool are gone~~~~
my cousin's wedding pic~~~
my assignment~~~
my movie (4GB) which havent watch~~~
my bla bla bla~~~~~

y~~~!!?? y x 1000000000000000000~~~~~ stupid PC~~~
now i beg every1 to send me back those pic..

" u got my pic o not~~!!?? can copy n burn 1 for me~~??"
"email also ok 1~~ pls~~ i owe u a dinner lar....."

sound like a beggar~~~i'm not a pengemis lar~~~~


poOr hAM~~~~

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