Friday, December 22, 2006

tipu gAji~~~

this few days i really like tipu'ing gAji~~~
but~~~i wont pai sei now~~~~(early join , i paisei lar)
really nothing to do now ler...

but~~~ i'll be busy very soON~~~

tat time is my company tipu my gAJi (this wat my "tai ka jie Tina" say....)
OT punya gaji tak cukup makan my mcD also~~
but who cares... =p

learn learn learn........
improve & improve........
when the time is coming~~~~

then~~~~~i go sell "tau fu fa"~~~

(muahahaha~~~ u can't predict wat am i thinking 1.... i am siAL 1....)

tau fu fa~~~~~ tau jiong shui~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!

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