Saturday, December 02, 2006

saturday~~ tirED~~

tonight go were~~!!??

i remember there is a question wat tina alwys ask during the break time~~ WERE WERE WERE~~~!?? (remind me that chicken rice's Advertisement~~ wat to eat~~!? wat to eat~~!!?? muahahaha)

aiks~~ feEling ~~!!?/ setapak 1~~!!
oklar , since we long time nv go there already~~
i remember the last i go is the week be4 i went UK right~~!!??
but the question is ~~ who is goinG ouT~~~!!?
since tat farker cubic meter david beckham edison tai tao chen han he is not free tonight~~ so we wont celebrate his b'day for him anymore~~~

庆祝取消了~~ ( 星爷说的~~~^^)

(to big head: u r the only 1 not free~~ tonight no more Celebration~~=p )

p/s: aiks~~~ duno SK Ho ada bawa org pergi feeling tak~~~
itu ahmoi dah balik karr~~!!? ><

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