Sunday, December 24, 2006

LiverpoOL coursemate in 1U~~~!! =p


received sms frm yee senG~~~
"aik seng came to KL aredi~~tomolo free to meEt??"

movie starting soON~~~伤城 (Confession of Pain)~~~
tak mahu f*** u~~~ =p

12.05am~~~(24th already lor)
lucky stil trailer~~
better answer ur call~~
"oii~~i came to KL aredi~~~u free to come out~~??"

"err.... i call u back later~~?? watching movie now~~~ "

i call back them after finish the movie...

"dEal~~~ c u guys in 1u tomolo~~~just confirm me the time afterward~~"


called n wake up by ..... er.... duno yee seng or aik sEng~~~ (i stil sleping)
aiks~~~i yam cha til 5 am yesterday lar ~~~
>< "we gonna reach 1u at 12.30 lar..."

"ok~~~i will be reach there in 30 mins~~~ keep ontact~~~"

we walk arund 1u....
hav our lunch in duno wat japanese restaurent~~ (8 fan = 八番)
walk round 1u BlindinG~~~~
then duno who suggesT go curve~~~
after reach curve~~ tired n thirsty~~~~
yam cha againz......

japanese restaurent againz~~~
wau~~ those drinK so specIaL~~~
yee sEng order duno wat lar.. soM thing liKe ABC~~~
Aik sEng's 1 more cantik~~~
mango~~~i think some thing loOKs like mango abc~~~ =p
mine is green teA shake~~~ (i nv try be4... but it taste goOD)
aiK seng did take pIc ~~~
ask him seNd to me Later~~~ =p

aiks~~ all also somthing related to liverpoOL~~~ construction~~~~ working~~~ our ex classmate~~~n bla bla bla~~~ =p

afterward... we walk round in IKEA to seacrh som idea to "design" Aik Seng's roOm~~~

5.30pm dismiss~~~ hope nex time can hav a gathering wif more ppl~~
i means our coursemate....

when u guys all becom rich~~ then we hav a gathering in liverpoOL every year~~~
muaahahaha~~ sounds great~~~

gagaga~~ aikSeng buy 47 seats (flight tickets) for all our classmate (47*4k)~~~
yeE seng "bao" our expenses in liverpoOl for 1 week(3k*47)~~~
i think (47*7k) 47k pound should be enough lar~~~~

hAM really dream'ing now~~~

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