Friday, December 01, 2006

^ ^ "chee haw's liang lui colleague joEy" called me~~

muahaha , wat a BIG surpise~~~ chee haw's liang lui colleague joey (tat is wat i called her last time) called me just now~~ there is a story bout her "nick"..

hehehe , let me explane here..

story begin frm long long long time ago(actually just few weeks ago, but ppl teeling story sure hav to start wif this kind of stupid begining) =.="~~

when i was new in this company , i realize tat chee haw ( my ex groupmate in diploma) is work as 1 of my company's sub-con... n he told me tat he gonna take the tender documents + drawings on that week frm my colleague.. so , we might can hv a short break n chitchat a while.. then i sure ask him miss call me or sms me when he reach my company lar since tat time i was busy to measure my workS~~
but when tat time coming , he used his colleague's hp call me~~
he was came here wif his colleague ( a female~~err~~quite sweet person~~)...
he left after we chitchat a while n pass the documents to him....
holly shit~~i tot tat was his new hp number~~
after he left , i go sms him tat "wah.. u goOd lar.. good liang lui colleague teman u alwyz.. deng.. tell her tat i say she is pretty.. lolz.. =p"

aiks~~ who noes~~!!?? tat number is his colleague 1~~?? (afterward i question him , n he reply me tat he forgot top up~~so no creadit to call me~~ so use his colleague's hp)

after few mins she reply me back afterward " thank you, i am chee haw's liang lui colleague joey. n this is my hp number" ( almost same like this lar.. i also forgot the msg aredi since i delete it accidentally.. ) OMG~~~ if there is a lubang~~i sure hide inside~~~ but thank god~ i did write dirty words inside tat sms~~lolz~~ =.="

ok end of story~~~

aiks~~ moOd becom better~~
opsss~~~ i also forgot how to handle garls now(i think i nv noe how to handle since i alwy join guys)~~ pai sei man~~~
lucky she got topic~~ if not we both sure Silent only~~ =p
should find som1 to practice my comunication skill noW~~~
swt~~~~ =.="


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