Monday, November 27, 2006

Mr. Bg Cheong Bee~~!!??

wuhahaha~~~ u hear tat be4??
Mr. Bg Cheong Bee.. how to pronounce arr~~??
hahaha, i ask my colleagues.. some say just say Mr. "B" "G" Cheong Bee, some say call for Mr. Cheong Bee can aredi.....
lolz.. mana ada org punya surname pronounce macam ni..??
hahaha.. then another colleague (Tina) is smarter.. she say the "B" should be "N" lar.. since the B is beside "B" in the keyboard.. so mayb some 1 mistaken key in it... lolz...
but afterward i try call n seacrh for tat fella , yes.. she is right... tat fella really name NG Cheong Bee..
lolz.. but he onleave now.. so , mayb call me back tomolo lor... muahahaha.. really funny.. MR. "B" "G" Cheong Bee... lolz... =p

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